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It is in the interests of all Stamp Club or Philatelic Society (Clubs) officers to provide a programme each year for their club that is varied and interesting. Naturally, the more interesting the meetings and other proposed functions, the greater the possibility of attracting new members both to the club and to philately.

The larger the club membership, the more varied will be the members’ collecting interests, with a strong possibility that a suitable programme can be compiled without resorting to outside sources for display material.

Visitors are an important part of any philatelic function. Hence, it is essential to ensure our activities are widely publicised. Visitors can possibly be converted to new members, but visitors who have enjoyed their attendance can also become “walking advertisements”.

The greater the attendance at meetings, the greater the satisfaction derived by the person displaying his material.

To assist club officers in their respective roles, the Philatelic Development Council (PDC) and the Philatelic Association of NSW, Inc. (Philas) provide the following support services -

  • listing of all club activities on the Philas website and in Philas News;
  • provision of “Goodies” bags for such activities;
  • club packs;
  • material for club displays;
  • visiting displayers program;
  • provision of framed Australia Post material for prizes at special activities;
  • providing a free half page advertisement in Philas News for any special club activity;
  • display frames for exhibitions or special activities;
  • provision of qualified State judges, if required;
  • assisting with research;
  • an excellent reference library;
  • public liability insurance;
  • provision of information brochures prepared by the Australian Philatelic Federation; and
  • assistance with starting a new stamp club

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Listing of Club Activities

With the development of the Philas website, more and more club information is being made available for instant access. This information is gathered from data previously supplied for the Stamparena website, direct contact with the club by the webmaster, and from the club programmes sent to Philas. Inclusion in the Philas website will automatically ensure inclusion on this website.

Philas News is published quarterly, being printed and distributed early in December, March, June and September. It contains a detailed listing of all club meetings for the next 4 months, and on the back page is shown all of the advised special activities. This information is taken from the club programmes as advised to Philas.

However, the information shown in both of these mediums is only as current as that provided by the club.

It is in the club’s best interests to ensure continuity of information by finalising their programs for the following year no later than mid-November with advice being sent to both the Philas webmaster at, or by mailing it to Philas. Don’t wait for the program to be printed, simply forward the draft. The printed copy can follow later.

Don’t let your club be one of those with large gaps in their future activities appearing in the December issue of Philas News. Some clubs overcome this problem by preparing their program for an overlapping 15 month period.

A similar problem exists where there are changes in the program. There have been many cases of visitors attending to see a particular display, only to be advised on arrival, that the program has been altered. It is again in your best interests to advise the webmaster and Philas of any changes as soon as they are known.

At present, Philas does not have an email address. It is expected that this situation will change in the near future, thus simplying advice of program details and changes. When this occurs, all clubs will be advised.

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“Goodies” Bags

“Goodies” bags are provided free of charge upon request to clubs, generally to provide hand-out material for youths attending a special activity, although they are not restricted to that purpose.

Each “goodies” bag contains approximately 28 postal items, which can vary from time to time, but will usually comprise 7 or 8 First Day Covers and the remainder are postcards and unserviced maximum cards.

“Goodies” bags can also be issued to new members as part of a welcoming package.

The material included in these bags has been generously donated to us specifically for promoting philately. Under no circumstances is this material to be sold.

To obtain “Goodies” bags contact your Philatelic Development Officer (PDO) with preferably two months notice for preparation and delivery.

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Club Packs

Philas provides Club Packs to those clubs affiliated with it.

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Club Display Material

Club displays can be provided from the PHILAS COLLECTION.

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Visiting Displayers Program

The PDC is currently in the process of developing a pool of NSW collectors who have either given a display at club level, or entered an exhibition, and who are prepared to visit other clubs and societies in their local area, and if they wish, further afield. This pool will also include the titles of the various displays available for showing. As well as presenting their material, the displayers will usually give an introductory explanation of the display. This service will be known as the NSW Visiting Displayers Program. The final pool of available displays will also include those in the Philas Collection.

The Australian Philatelic Federation (APF) already has such a national program, titled Visiting Speakers Program. It is comprised of some of Australia’s leading exhibitors. These exhibitors have indicated that they are prepared to travel to display their material, sometimes interstate. This national program is accessible through the APF Philatelic Development Officer, Darryl Fuller.

Once operational this Program will be administered by the PDC, with all correspondence to the PDC Secretary.

Clubs and Societies wishing to participate should provide the Council with a list of topics that will be matched to participating displayers. Clubs may request a specific display, displayer or a class. Once provided with a list of possible displays it is up to the Club or Society to initiate and follow through with the contact. If a contacted displayer does not wish to accept the specific invitation, he has the right to decline it for any reason. There is no penalty for refusing an invitation.

To get the proposed listing started, a number of displayers have been invited to offer their services.

By having the opportunity to call upon a wider range of material will enable clubs to enhance the breadth of the displays available when preparing their annual programs.

There are also advantages for the displayer. Displaying your philatelic material to a larger audience is a very enjoyable experience. As well as receiving the appreciation of fellow collectors, it presents an opportunity to meet with people who have similar collecting interests, and don’t we all feel a sense of pride in other collectors taking a positive interest in our material?

If the displayer is required to travel extensively, reimbursement of travelling expenses plus overnight accommodation may be required.

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Special Activities Advertising

Clubs are offered a free half page advertisement in Philas News for all special activities. This will appear in the issue which precedes the activity.

To take advantage of this offer, your request and relevant information should be emailed to preferably 2 weeks prior to the cut-off dates, viz, 1st December, March, June and September. Alternatively, mail the ad outline to the Philas News Editor at PO Box 220, Darlinghurst NSW 1300.

The information can be formatted or unformatted. If the former, every endeavour will be made to use your format. If unformatted, the ad will be prepared for you.

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Display Frames

The opportunity to display a variety of material at any function open to the public can assist in attracting new members, the lifeblood of our hobby. All of the display frames available from the PDC hold 15 sheets, three rows each of five sheets, and the three types available are -

  • free standing aluminium edge double sided frames;
  • double sided “A” frames requiring a table as a base; and
  • single sided frames requiring a table as a base.

Free Standing Aluminium Edge Double Sided Frames

There are 26 frames available and they are stored in a trailer, currently located at the Blackwattle Bay Campus of the Sydney Secondary College, in Glebe.

The whole trailer can be borrowed, or a limited number of the frames with a corresponding quantity of mounting poles and feet. Collection of the frames is from Glebe. If less than the full trailer is required, you will need either a utility, high roof van or station wagon to carry same.

“A” Frames and Single Sided Frames

These are stored at Philas House, 17 Brisbane Street, Sydney, and can be collected from that address.

There are 20+ double sided “A” frames and 15+ single sided frames.

Again, you will need either a utility, high roof van or station wagon to carry same.

Frame Sizes

The actual frame sizes in millimetres are

  • free standing aluminium edge double sided frames (in the trailer) 1027 x 997
  • double sided “A” frames requiring a table as a base; 1230 x 927, and
  • single sided frames requiring a table as a base 1220 x 1020.

These sizes will assist in the selection of the transportation vehicle to be used.

Who Can Borrow These Frames ?

They are available to any philatelic Club or Group affiliated with Philas.

Applications from other bodies, such as schools, cultural or community groups, as well as individuals will be considered.

What are the Charges ?

The use of the PDC display frames is free to any Club or Group affiliated with Philas.

A donation would be appreciated from other users.

Return of the Frames ?

This is to be negotiated between the PDC Frames Officer and the borrower.

Upon returning, it is most important that any damage to the frames or any malfunctioning should be reported. This will enable rectification, thereby not disadvantaging future borrowers.

How are the Frames Borrowed ? Applications should be forwarded to your PDO or the Secretary. This application should include the following information –

  • Name of the requesting group or individual;
  • Name of the requesting group or individual;
  • Location of the function;
  • Contact name and hours of availability;
  • Contact details (email address, telephone numbers, postal address);
  • Period the frames are needed for;
  • If the trailer is required, the type of vehicle that will be towing same; and
  • If a non-affiliated group, the anticipated donation to be made to the PDC.

Applications will be passed to the Frames Officer, who will be in contact with the requesting body to arrange for pick-up.

To avoid disappointment, it is suggested that as much notice as possible be given.

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State Judges

If you are holding a competition either at a club meeting or a special activity, and you require one or more qualified State Philatelic Judges to provide an independent assessment of the material, contact Philas or your PDO. Requests for National Level Philatelic Judges should be directed to the APF.

Assistance with Philatelic Research

David Collyer is the Research & Publications Officer for the Philas Library, and is prepared to assist collectors to research their collections. David will not do the research for you, but will point you in the right direction.

David can be contacted at

The Philas Library

For full details regarding this excellent reference library, click here.

Public Liability Insurance

Philas has arranged an umbrella Public Liability Insurance cover to include all affiliated clubs. This policy covers

  • All regular meetings as well as special events, such as Open Days, Exhibitions, Trips, Stalls, Barbecues and the like, organised by the club;
  • All visitors to any meeting or event, including overseas members.
  • Junior members are covered free of charge.

The policy is in force from 15 January each year and is currently subject to an annual premium of $2.00 per senior club member. Following receipt by Philas of the annual premium, a Certificate of Currency will be issued for the club.

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Information Brochures

The Australian Philatelic Federation Ltd (APF) has produced a number of information brochures

1.Why collect stamps? PDF file - “A window on our past. Present and future”

2. Why Join a Stamp Club? PDF file - “Stamp clubs put the life into your hobby”

3. I have just inherited a stamp collection. Where do I go from here? PDF file - “Stamp collections go beyond value”

4. I have Rediscovered Stamp Collecting. Where do I go from here? PDF file - “Stamp collecting - a hobby for life”

5. Where do I get stamps for my Collection? PDF file - “The fun is in the chase”

6. Beyond Australia PDF file - “Stamp collecting offers a world of interest”

7. How Can I Identify and Value My Stamps   PDF file "Information is the key - making use of stamp catalogues

8. a An Introduction to Exhibiting Part 1   PDF file "The ultimate in stamp collecting".

8. b An Introduction to Exhibiting Part 2   PDF file "The ultimate in stamp collecting".

10. An Introduction to Stamp Collecting  PDF file "A relaxing and interesting pasttime".


These brochures answer many of the questions often asked, and can be useful in answering members’ questions, and as handouts at special activities involving members of the public. Supplies of these brochures can be obtained direct from Philas or through your PDO.

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Assistance in Starting a New Stamp Club

If you are planning a new Stamp Club, contact Philas for assistance and guidance from the New Club Pack which is available.


In your programme planning, do not overlook the assistance that can be provided through any of the above services. They have been designed by Stamp Collectors for Stamp Collectors.