The Australian Philatelic Federation (APF) has produced six very comprehensive information brochures which answer the six most commonly asked questions with respect to philately.

These pamphlets have been prepared for distribution nationwide.  To make them more applicable to New South Wales (NSW), you need to consider the following –

  1. In NSW a second philatelic trading group is also highly active.  This is the Stamp & Coin Dealers Association of Australia Inc (SCDAA).  Information re SCDAA is available on their website www.scdaa.com.
  2. While the pamphlets suggest visiting the APF website for further information, more comprehensive detailed information regarding NSW can be found on the website for the Philatelic Association of New South Wales Inc, philas.org.au.

The questions, and brochure titles, are

  1. Why collect stamps? PDF file - “A window on our past. Present and future”
  2. Why Join a Stamp Club? PDF file - “Stamp clubs put the life into your hobby”
  3. I have just inherited a stamp collection.   Where do I go from here? PDF file - “Stamp collections go beyond value”
  4. I have Rediscovered Stamp Collecting.   Where do I go from here? PDF file - “Stamp collecting - a hobby for life”
  5. Where do I get stamps for my Collection? PDF file - “The fun is in the chase”
  6. Beyond Australia PDF file - “Stamp collecting offers a world of interest”

The above brochures have been included in this website with the kind permission of the APF.