Exhibiting has been described as the ultimate aim of all stamp collectors – to display your material and receive critical acclaim for your innovation and efforts.

This section will ultimately cover most aspects of exhibiting, describing the various classes and the rules governing each one.  It will also include articles on the preparation of exhibits, both stamp based and cover based, as will details of forthcoming exhibitions and reports on completed ones.

Two such reports are attached at present, the Northern Beaches Stamp Expo 2008 and the Australasian Challenge 2008.

Northern Beaches Stamp Expo (NBSE)

NBSE, a State level exhibition, was recently held at Brookvale. This exhibition is traditionally a team competition using one-frame exhibits.

NBSE has always had as its main criterion the encouragement of new exhibitors, by providing the opportunity for them to “try their hand” in a “not-so-serious” environment.

This aim has proved very successful in the past, and quite a number of new exhibitors have emerged, many of whom have progressed to bigger and better things.

This year the Expo leant further towards the encouragement of new and developing exhibitors. However, the concept was been taken one step further forward, by the introduction of Team Bonus Points for the inclusion of new, developing and youth exhibitors.  Therefore teams unable to load their team with experienced exhibitors received a boost to their team totals, thus enabling them to more favourably compete with their heavyweight counterparts.

Team Bonus Points were earned under the following circumstances

  • 20 bonus points, for any entrant who is doing his/her first ever competitive exhibition entry.
  • 10 bonus points, for any entrant who is doing his/her second ever competitive exhibition entry.
  • 10 bonus points for any NEW EXHIBIT from an entrant who has previously exhibited at NBSE.
  • 10 bonus points, for any entrant who has not achieved higher than a Sapphire award previously at NBSE.
  • 5 bonus points, for any entrant who has not achieved higher than an Emerald award previously at NBSE.

Applicants who considered themselves entitled to earn Bonus Points for their team, were asked to mark their application form accordingly.

This concept of Team Bonus Points proved quite successful, and with a little “fine-tuning” should make next year’s results even closer than was the case this year.

For a full report and the team and individual results, click here.