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For information regarding all of the Stamp Clubs and Philatelic Societies (Clubs) which meet in New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory, click here.

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The Australian Philatelic Federation (APF) has produced a series in information brochures, four of which include references to the benefits that can be derived from Club membership. These brochures are

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In summary, these brochures refer to

Brochure No 2 – Why Join a Stamp Club?

  • General information re stamp clubs
  • How to find out about stamp clubs?
  • What can stamp clubs provide?
  • Exchange books
  • Stamp markets, Stamp Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Information on stamps
  • Displaying your stamps
  • Junior Clubs
  • Specialised Clubs
  • Costs of being a member
  • Other benefits
  • Philately on the web

Brochure No 1 – Why Collect Stamps?

  • How can Stamp Clubs help?

Brochure No 4 – I have rediscovered Stamp Collecting.

  • How can Stamp Clubs help?

Brochure No 5 – Where do I get stamps for my collection?

  • Stamp Clubs.

Country Corner Bulletins


In November 2005 Ed Wolf was elected to the office of Philatelic Development Officer – Country. One of Ed’s first initiatives was to introduce an occasional email based newsletter as means of communication with the various country located Stamp Clubs and Societies within NSW.

Whilst the newsletters are specifically geared to Country Clubs they contain much information which will be of interest to Metropolitan Clubs.

The newsletters are “chatty” in style, and contain much information regarding happenings in both Metropolitan NSW, or the “big smoke” as Ed refers to it, and the Country clubs.

The Bulletins

To date there have been 11 Bulletins produced, and they can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate issue from the following list.

Contacts for Comments or Queries

If you wish to comment on or query any of the information in these Bulletins, Ed Wolf can be contacted by email at or by telephone on (02) 9948 3598, or by writing to

The PDO – Country
Philatelic Development Council
PO Box 4131

Interesting Articles

Our first Interesting Article was recently published in Philas News, and is about “Planning Your Club’s Future”. The article is motivated by the need for Club’s to constantly attract new members to ensure their continuing viability. Most Clubs are faced with the ongoing problem of the increasing average age of their members, with the resultant increasing difficulties in those aging members attending meetings. This article first suggests that the Club assess its overall appeal to new members, and then details a number of options available to attract same.